Don’t forget your camera if you walk to the impressive "Roque Nublo" (Cloud Rock) in Gran Canaria - and look out for the stony monk. 

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Visit Roque Nublo (Cloud Rock)

It was created about four million years ago by a volcanic eruption. Now Cloud Rock (Spanish name Roque Nublo) has become one of the “must see” tourist attractions. It towers above a natural park in the heart of Gran Canaria and is one of the biggest natural crags in the world.

There is a parking area, with a snack bar, at the start of a rocky path to the 80 metres (260ft) tall crag. It takes about 45 minutes to walk to the red plateau at the top where the panoramic views are spectacular. The sunsets are said to be the best.

The crag, described as a natural monument, is thought to be place of worship for Gran Canaria’s ancient, aboriginal inhabitants. Other rocky outcrops nearby are said to look like a frog and a monk.

Sensible shoes are recommended for the walk. Hikers may need both sunscreen and warm clothes. It’s 1,800 metres (almost 6,000ft) above sea level and it can get chilly.

Cloud Rock is the second highest mountain on the island and provides a great view of Pico de las Nieves, which is 100 metres or so higher and is usually topped by clouds and sometimes snow in winter.


Gran Canaria - The Magic Window and Roque Nublo

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