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Goa Holiday Deals

Olympic Holidays is proud to introduce these fantastic accommodation options for holidays to Goa in UK autumn and winter. Book ahead for the best prices and have a wonderfully warm getaway to look forward to at the end of the year---or the start of 2025! Imagine relaxing on a stunning beach in 32 degree weather in December and coming back to the UK with a tan just in time for the new year.

In celebration of launching Goa on Olympic Holidays as a premier getaway destination, we are giving an extra £100 per person off your holiday if you book before the 1st of July. Use code 'GOA' to save!* Applies to any holidays to Goa departing between now and October 31st, 2025.

Book your adventure to Goa while prices are low! Goa Holiday Deals

Why Travel to Goa?

Consider an impromptu trip to Goa anytime you want to escape the cold UK weather. Sunny and warm all year round, with a daily average temperature of 30c, Goa is the perfect getaway for those wanting to ditch their coats for a bit!

Goa is known for having some of the BEST beaches, food and hotels. Goa is for those wanting to experience the rich culture of India in comfort and serenity. So take that leap and enjoy a trip to India in perfect luxury, discover why Goa is becoming a fast favourite amongst world travellers.

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