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"Olympus Riviera" isn't simply the name of a single resort, despite common misconceptions. Rather, it refers to a continuous 70-kilometre coastline situated at the base of Mount Olympus, a mountain steeped in Greek mythology as the abode of the gods. This coastal region falls within the Pieria prefecture. If you're driving from Thessaloniki to the northern resorts, the journey takes less than an hour.

The Olympus Riviera encompasses several well-known resort areas, such as Paralia Katerini, Olympiaki Akti, Leptokarya, and Platamonas, which can get quite bustling and lively during the summer season. However, there are also less crowded and more tranquil spots to ensure complete relaxation during your vacation. You'll find accommodations of all types, including hotels of various categories, rental apartments, and camping sites.

The beaches in this region are predominantly sandy, with some being remote and secluded. Thanks to the proximity of the mountain, the air is refreshingly crisp in the heat, while the water remains pleasantly warm for swimming.

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Olympus Riviera

Olympus Riviera

Nestled near Thessaloniki, the Olympus Riviera beckons with a mesmerising fusion of sun-kissed beaches, timeless wonders, and quaint villages. Unearth the hidden gems of this Grecian coastal paradise, where captivating experiences await at every turn

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During the summer months, Olympus Riviera basks under clear skies, boasting up to 12 hours of daily sunshine. 

For those who prefer milder temperatures, the autumn months of September and October are an excellent choice. During this period, Olympus Riviera enjoys sunny weather, less crowded resorts, and pleasantly warm sea waters. Spring is also a pleasant time to visit, although only the most resilient swimmers may take a dip.

Winter introduces occasional rain and even snow, in mountainous regions conditions can become quite cold. Northern Greece experiences slightly colder and wetter weather than the southern parts.

Olympic Riviera Travel Advice

While the gap between the mountain and the coastline is relatively short, you'll undoubtedly journey through some steep and winding roads.

The tourist destination of Litochoro, positioned just 5 kilometers from the coast and nestled at the foot of Mount Olympus, offers a charming experience. Travelers can anticipate discovering narrow cobblestone streets, quaint Orthodox chapels, and the distinctive Macedonian architecture that this area is renowned for.