Agistri at a glance

Agistri is a small, lush, pine-clad island which boasts pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters. A true Aegean gem with its scenic and unspoiled charms, it offers the ideal escape for those looking for a relaxing, peaceful holiday.

Part of the Saronic group of Greek Islands, Agistri makes a perfect base for island-hopping adventures due to its close proximity to Poros, Aegina, Spetses, and Hydra, all of which are just a stone’s throw from Greece’s bustling capital of Athens.

There are three villages on this enchanting island, Megalochori (or Mylos), Limenaria, and Skala, all of which have picturesque streets, traditional coffee houses, and offer delicious food from a wonderful selection of bars, restaurants, and traditional tavernas, where you can indulge in the freshest of seafood and delectable local delicacies.

A popular destination for those keen on outdoor pursuits such as hiking, cycling, sailing, kayaking, or horse riding, you can also discover a variety of breathtaking beaches, from the secluded sands of Skliri (Chalikiada) and the picture perfect Mikri Dragonera, to the family friendly Skala and beautiful pebble beaches of Megalochori.

The island capital of Megalochori has been a safe haven for ships since ancient times, and over the ages, Agistri shared the history of neighbouring Aegina Island. According to legend, it was once part of the kingdom of Aiakos of Aegina, and it is believed that modern day Agistri was ancient Kekryfaleia, a known ally of Aegina during the Trojan War.

Holidays on the island of Agistri offer tranquillity, relaxation, and adventure should you seek it. It is the ideal escape to experience the Greek way of life in a picture perfect, unspoiled, natural environment.

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Best Time to Visit Agistri

On 15th August is a large panigiri in the small church of Panagia in Metohi. Water sports and hiking are great activities to participate in on Agistri. Alternatively, take a lovely day cruise to the neighbouring island of Aegina, or go further afield and cruise to Hydra island. If you’d like to explore the mainland a day shopping in Athens could be just the thing.

Agistri Travel Advice

By Boat: Travelling to and from Agistri can only be done by ferry.  There are many daily connections between Athens and Agistri.  You can also get to islands such as Aegina and Hydra from Agistri by ferry.

By Bus: There is a local bus service that serves the major villages on the Agistri island.

By Bike: Cycling by push bike (both the old style and electric bike, which can be rented) is a great way to explore Agistri. The island itself is 13 square kilmometres.