Sivota at a glance

Take one small, traditional Greek town in a sheltered bay that is sandwiched between tree-covered hills and the deep blue Ionian Sea. Add a busy little harbour, the quayside lined with tavernas and small shops, but don’t add too many and spoil the taste.

Make sure there is a good mix of beautiful beaches along a rugged, twisting coastline, some long and sandy with sunbeds and beach bars, one or two with water sports, others secluded and private. Season it with beaches that can only be reached by boat and one on an island that you can wade to via a sandy causeway.

Place it all in the Riviera of Epirus, a gorgeous region of mountains, forests, picturesque villages, rivers and history that goes back to ancient times – and beyond.

And you have Sivota.

It’s a delightfully friendly little town in North-West Greece, immediately opposite the island of Corfu. Three uninhabited little islands stand guard and shelter Sivota’s horseshoe bay. Over the last decade or so it has become very cosmopolitan, but tourism hasn’t harmed Sivota.

It’s a great place to chill out. There are a couple of beaches in the town, plus Bella Vraka, the one you get to across a causeway. More sandy beaches can be found both north and south of the town. But if you want to explore further afield, the majestic resort of Parga is only 20 miles away. Or go to the charming village of Perdika, seven miles away. It has spectacular views and marvellous sunsets and is bursting with restaurants.

The nearby beaches of Arilas and Karavostasi are fantastic. One of Olympic Holidays' latest offerings, the luxurious MarBella Elix Hotel, overlooks the sparkling white sands of Karavostasi.

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Best Time to Visit Sivota

It’s hot and mainly dry from June to September.  There are more than 300 hours of sunshine in July and August when the average highest temperatures will be 30 degrees Centigrade or slightly higher.

The average maximum is around 25 degrees In June and September.  There will be light breezes through the summer.  In May and October there can be nine hours of sunshine every day, but the average temperature will be a bit lower.

Rainfall is surprisingly light in the summer for such a green part of Greece, but more rain can be expected towards the end of September and in October. The heaviest rain is in the winter months.

The lovely Ionian Sea does hold its heat. It will be about 19 degrees in May, will rise to a very pleasant 24 degrees in August and could still be 22 degrees in October.

Sivota Travel Advice

There is only one direct bus a day from Sivota – it goes to Igoumenitsa, the regional capital – but there are plenty of other ways to get around this beautiful area. And some of the best beaches are only a stroll away.

Car Hire: Cars, motorbikes and scooters can be hired in Sivota. Some people who arrive via Preveza Airport book a vehicle online and collect it when they land. The roads are good. You will need the appropriate full UK licence. Check out Olympic Holidays’ car hire service.   

Taxis: There is a taxi rank in the town square. Hotels will book cabs for guests.

Road train: It runs regular return services in the summer from the town to two of the most popular beaches that are two or three kilometres away.

Water taxis: Find them in Sivota harbour. They are convenient and popular ways to get to beaches.

Boat hire: Be captain for a day. Small motorboats for up to four people can be hired in Sivota harbour. It’s a great way to find those deserted coves.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get to Sivota from the UK?

Olympic Holidays provide two choices: fly to Preveza Airport on the mainland or fly to Corfu, an island close to Sivota. From Preveza, take a taxi to Sivota or hire a car. It’s a drive of about 55 miles on good roads and takes about one-and-a-half hours.  Options for taxi transfers and car hire are on this Olympic Holidays website. 

From Corfu Airport, there are taxi transfers to the harbour, a ferry to Igoumenitsa and a taxi to the Sivota accommodation. The ferry crossing is about 1hr 45mins.  The ferry and taxi costs are included in the package.

What is ‘Mega Ammos’ in Sivota?

It means big sand and that’s exactly what it is – Sivota’s biggest beach. It’s about 2 km from the centre of Sivota and has sunbeds, sunshades, showers, changing rooms, tavernas and pedalo boats to rent.  There is a smaller beach nearby called Mikri Ammos which has facilities and a restaurant.