Island Hopping & Secondary Islands frequently asked questions

Island Hopping frequently asked questions - Olympic Holidays

How do I get my ferry tickets when I arrive?

Tickets will be given to you on arrival by a local agency staff member or an Olympic representative. They will be in an Olympic envelope and must be kept safe, until you board the boat. The ferry tickets are not replaceable and new ones would need to be purchased if lost. Inside your envelope with the tickets will be detailed information relating to your itinerary. Subsequent tickets will be given 24-48 hours prior to the next leg of the Hopping. Except for Skiathos – If you are staying here first you will receive all your ferry tickets the evening before you depart for your next Island. For Athens, all ferry tickets are provided on arrival at the airport - except Poros, you will need to pick up your physical tickets from the ticket office with the reservation number provided in your welcome pack. 

What happens if my flight is delayed or arrives later than the last ferry departs?

The in resort Olympic staff member or agency representative will arrange an overnight accommodation for you, this could be located anywhere as it depends on availability. We cannot advise you of these arrangements in advance as ferry times can change and flights are not usually delayed. 

What happens in the Port?

You will be dropped at the Port a minimum of 1 hour before the ferry departs which gives you time to embark. Often boats can be subject to last minute changes so please ensure that before boarding each boat you show your ticket & confirm with the attendant you are on the right boat and that it is going to the intended destination. There is usually a waiting area, Taverna or Café at the Port where you can wait and leave bags. If it’s over an 8 hour wait we will provide a ‘day use’ Hotel or if through the night a Hotel room. 

What happens when I arrive in my final destination?

There will either be a local staff member or hotelier waiting to show you to your accommodation. 

When will I receive my departure information, and will it be on the App?

You will receive departure information 24-48 hours prior to departure. (For Athens, you will receive all onward travel and departure information in your welcome pack). Due to the different types of transport & timings involved they will not be shown on the Olympic App. Boats sometimes have to be arranged much earlier than the 2-3 hours prior to your flight departure due to set schedules and the time needed to allow for delays in boats and transfers. On some occasions we may need to arrange overnight accommodation the day before departure if ferries do not match with flights. Information will be sent via the Hotel or your personal contact details if you have passed them on to us, for Athens this is also included in your welcome pack. 

What happens on my departure?

After you receive your departure information all transfers and tickets will be arranged for you and given to you ready for your journey back. If there is a long waiting period between boat arrival and flight departure your Olympic Representative will advise of a waiting or a ‘hosting area’ where you can sit in comfort with access to refreshments. 

What if there is bad weather on arrival or departure?

If there is severe weather conditions, the Port Police will ground all boats and nothing is allowed to depart the Port. In such cases of boats being cancelled we will arrange overnight accommodation on arrival and in cases for departure we will arrange for you to leave a day earlier and overnight you on the main island (/mainland) so you will not miss your flight to the UK. 

Do I pay extra for overnight accommodation?

This is all arranged for you by Olympic Holidays and there is no extra charge for accommodation*. Unless you have a board basis booked in your holidays, meals will not be provided. We will provide a minimum of a basic 3* accommodation or self-catering accommodation which will be booked for you depending on availability.

*This is only applicable if you have booked transfers with us. 

Can I amend my holiday whilst in resort?

Normally you will need to stick to the itinerary however there are some circumstances where we may only be able to make small adjustments. Should this be needed please contact your Olympic Representative. 

Who do I contact if I need to speak to someone on one of the other Islands?

You should find this information on the Olympic Holidays App

Will I be booked on the fastest boat?

We aim to get you to your destination as soon as possible after arrival which may well include an early start to get to the port, however express boats often run-on delays and are cancelled at short notice so we will use the most reliable method for each route.

There is a ferry available after I arrive, why am I not booked on this?

We must take several factors into consideration when Island Hopping. Including local traffic information, conditions and the time it takes to leave the Airport. As a rule, we would need at least 90 minutes from the flight scheduled landing to the ferry departure for you to be booked on this sailing. (*Please note if you fly into Athens airport, the time needed between flight landing and ferry departure is 3.5 hours). If this is not possible then you will be overnighted and travel the following day on the next available ferry.

How will you let me know if there are any problems with the ferries?

We do not always receive information on delays and cancellations until last minute and sometimes after the event has happened. We will endeavour to make contact with you as soon as possible should this be the case. However if you become aware of any problems and you are unsure of your arrangements, we kindly ask you to inform your local representative as soon as possible. It is vitally important for this reason you make contact as soon as possible after your arrival and provide us with your mobile number.