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Legal Requirements

Legal Requirements

A very important part of ensuring that your wedding plans abroad run smoothly is to ensure that you have all the correct documents with you. This little bit of paperwork can make all the difference so please take a look at the below for a guide. Legal document requirements will vary from destination to destination. 

Wherever you decide to get married, you will need official documents to do so. These will be used to provide important information about your identity, where you were born and to verify that you are eligible to marry. 

The essential paperwork you will need:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Certificate of no impediment (for Greece) or Statutory Declarations (for Cyprus)

You will also need (if applicable): 

  • Any decree absolutes (if divorced)
  • Deed poll certificate (if name changed)
  • Adoption certificate
  • If widowed – the death certificate and marriage certificate

Depending on where you marry certain documents will need to be apostilled and then translated into Greek. 

It can seem a bit daunting now, but don’t worry. Once you have confirmed your wedding we will send a full guide explaining each document needed and when to obtain it to ensure everything is in order to get married abroad. 

If you have any questions along the way do not forget that our wedding consultants are on hand to help you and to assist the process. 

Please note if you are NOT a British passport holder you must seek advice from your Embassy concerning documentation, and permission to marry.

Need to ask a question? Simply call our weddings team on:

020 8492 6789
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